fun and games
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vocabulary for playing games

Here are some terms you might use while playing games.

English: yes
Konkow: héu
English: no
Konkow: wí:n!
English: go, go away
Konkow: ʔýk’on
English: already past
Konkow: híma
English: amuse somebody
Konkow: kə́:lə
English: Are you?1
Konkow: minháni?
English: be like that
Konkow: ʔati
English: good, awful good
Konkow: ném wénnèn
English: get out!
Konkow: ʔýsíp!
English: black
Konkow: ʔémuli
English: green
Konkow: ʔétitìn
English: grey or light colored
Konkow: ʔédali
English: one-ten
Konkow: wyktem-ma:cok’o
flashcard games

These flashcard sets are for you to practice the concepts presented in the lessons. Each set is introduced in the lesson they are designed for. As you go through the lessons, the card sets can be combined to create a larger set.

Go Fish
This is a multiple player game. It can be played from a basic level with simply the vocabulary words, to a more advanced game where all the questions are asked in the language. At the most basic level, you can play with an open hand. The object is to get pairs and practice the vocabulary. You will need to print two or four copies of each card to play Go Fish and Concentration.

This can be played individually or as a multiplayer game. Cards can be double sided or single sided. Pictures can be facing up or hidden. You can match pictures and/or words.The object is to find matches and pronounce the vocabulary.

Flashcard Drills
This can be played individually or as a two player game. One person shows the image to their partner, who says the Konkow word. This is repeated until each player can identify and pronounce each card in the stack. The amount of cards in the stack can be increased as needed.

Using the TEMPLATE here, cut out the flash cards. Throughout these lessons, we use a standard layout, which can be easily cut on any paper cutter. First cut the paper lengthwise. This is done at 4 1/4 inches. Then cut the two rectangles in half. This is done at 5 1/2 inches. You are left with four rectangles. These are cut at 2 3/4 inches. Once you know those three measurements, all the flashcards can be cut the same way.

As we finish the lessons, these card sets will become available.

lesson 1 orthography
word order
konkow word
noun phrase
konkow time
These activities are for you to practice the concepts presented in the lessons. They are introduced in the lesson they are designed for.