about searching

There are several different search functions on this website. You can search a dictionary of audio files recorded by Elmer Smith and Russ Ultan. You can search audio files of semantic domains (categories). You can search audio files of different types of sentences such as commands or questions. You can also search by linguistic categories where results are grouped by topics like past, present, future. There is also a database search function which searches all the audio and written entries in the Ultan collection. These various types of searches allow you to have broad or specific results, depending on your interest.


The audio dictionary allows you to search alphabetically in English and listen to the sound files while you read the Konkow translations. These words and phrases gleaned from over 2 hours of elictied sessions with Elmer Smith responding to "How would you say ...?" There are roughly 700 entries like this random example.

English: seven sisters
Konkow: lĂșlu

The semantic domain search allows you search various categories of words like birds, body parts or colors. Your results will allow you to listen to an audio file and see both the written English and Konkow.


The sentence type search allows you to look at samples from various categories of sentences such as commands, exclamations and questions. The results will show you written English and Konkow along with an audio file.

COMING SOON The category search is designed to let you see groupings of specific linguistic categories like negatives, locational/directionals and past, present, future. This is currently under construction and may only show examples of components used to create words for the various categories in your search.


Researchers may be granted credentials to access the database which contains items not appropiate for G Rated consumption. A search by Konkow term is available there.